How Long Do Epoxy Floors Last?

One of the most popular and, possibly smartest, home improvement applications of past 20 years or so has been epoxy flooring. Epoxy can preserve your concrete floor, prevent accidents and ultimately keep your garage, basement, outdoor spaces or wherever else you decide to use it, looking nice for years. However... not all epoxy floor coatings are created equally. Many home or small business owners will find this out too late when their floor begins to crack, blister, shrink or flake right off. 

Has this happened to you? Cracking Epoxy Floors.

Has this happened to you? Cracking Epoxy Floors.

Professional Epoxy Installation

When you decide to tackle an epoxy floor coating as a DIY installation project, you can expect to replace your floor or repair damages to your concrete within 2 to 10 years of installation. DIY, when it comes to floor coatings, sounds too good to be true - which means it often is. 

Floor coatings are a major investment to your home or business and if you're opting to do it yourself, it's equally an expensive venture in your time and effort. Opting for a better return on your investment from the get-go is probably the wisest choice, financially and physically. 

Industrial Quality. Grade A Work.

A couple of decades ago, the floor coating industry began to really shape itself and consumers found that protective surfaces for their home and small businesses, were a good idea. The thought was a good one, but the technology simply wasn't there. The surfaces were not as durable or long-lasting as consumers of that time had hoped. Residential garage floors still suffered cracks, chips and other damage despite professional installation. Outdoor patios and basements underwent temperature swings and heaving, leaving the application distressed for more damage. 

Epoxy and other floor coating technologies have vastly improved over the past 20+ years, offering durability that, when professionally installed, can now last the average person 15 years or more. An investment well worth its cost when considering the wear, cleaning and maintenance of solid concrete surfaces. Floor coatings need to stand up to diverse weather situations, temperature swings, kids, dogs, heat, humidity, hail, snow, ice and anything else that could potentially post a damage threat to your surfaces. Well.. we're there. 

Small Businesses and Commercial Companies can benefit from Epoxy Floor Installations

Small Businesses and Commercial Companies can benefit from Epoxy Floor Installations

Industry Leading Floor Coatings

With millions of square feet of concrete floors in and around Minnesota, and years of abuse, our floor installations have withstood the test of time. Weather, damage and midwest living leaves a Starting Line Floor looking just as nice as before the threat occurred. Pull out your push broom and floor squeegee to reveal the loveliness. Our list of satisfied customers from residential, to commercial, to military, to food service and beyond continues to grow and our customer service is top notch. 

Maybe you'd like a salon in your basement.. Epoxy floors would be nice!

Maybe you'd like a salon in your basement.. Epoxy floors would be nice!

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Starting Line Floor Coating is an industry leader in resin floor coating installation for your concrete floors.  At Starting Line, our coatings are specially selected to bond to your concrete, creating a barrier that’s as impervious to threats as it is beautifully complimented to your lifestyle. 

Professional floor coatings should last decades and protect your precious concrete. Most epoxies come in a variety of colors and styles; you can even custom coat your floor with a personal touch. If you're looking for an Epoxy Floor Coating Solution for your Garage, just ask us about it. 

We’re so confident in our superior floor coating installation process, that we guarantee you'll be happy with it.  If you’d like more information, or a quote on your residential project, contact Starting Line Floor Coatings today.

Whether you project is big or small, call professionals that can help give your garage, basement, patio or small business floor the durability and luster it deserves for a decade plus.