Custom Epoxy Floor Systems for Your Industrial Facility

Industrial Epoxy Floors

When you think of facility flooring, you probably think dirty and boring, however it is quite possible to create a design-forward system that meets all of the safety, health code, and industrial requirements to which you must adhere. Facility flooring, from the right source, can be both high performance and highly customizable. Particularly when you choose to install epoxy floors, the custom options are endless. Concrete floor coverings do not need to be dull and "boring" - customized epoxy floors can feature different colors, textures, finishes, embedded logos and more.

Custom floors are gaining in popularity in many different types of businesses. You see them being installed in retail settings as well as in schoolsrestaurantshealthcare facilities, and even warehouses. If you’re in line for new flooring and considering some ways to make your facility look more modern and branded, using epoxy floor solutions makes it easy.

Finishes, Colors & Materials

Solid Epoxy Flooring 

Solid Epoxy Flooring 

Custom epoxy floors can be installed in a pretty broad range of colors and finishes, so no matter what you're thinking about, you should be able to find what you’re looking for. Some of the more popular ideas out there currently are:

  • High gloss or satin finishes, which are perfect for your creative ideas.
  • Faux stain metallics, which mimic the look of stained concrete, while still offering the high level of durability of an epoxy floor.
  • Multi-colored, macro or micro chip blends, which have the look of high-end terrazzo in appearance. These epoxy floors are offered at a fraction of the cost of terrazzo flooring and require less maintenance.
  • Colored quartz blends - a durable flooring system that has some comparisons to natural granite.
  • Solids in standard or custom colors. 

Embedding Logos or Graphics in Custom Epoxy Floors

Embedding logos within epoxy floors offers facility managers a better way to transmit various informational and marketing messages, without the worry that machinery or daily traffic might destroy the older typical jumbo floor stickers. Epoxy floor coatings and other various topcoats provide optimal durability and resistance to abrasion. Embedding graphics within a clear, colorfast, industrial-grade epoxy floor is a great way to create an eye-catching look that incorporates a business’ or organization’s logo. No other flooring material offers so many options to create a one-of-a-kind flooring system while still offering superior resistance to damage and wear and tear. 

Custom epoxy floors are an ideal solution for many different industries and facilities, and when professionally installed, can create a unique environment for clients, employees, and visitors alike.

When your facility is in need of a durable custom solution that looks great and is designed to last for years to come, consider epoxy floor coatings from Starting Line Floor Coatings.

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