Myth 2: A Clean Garage Floor is Ready for Epoxy

Garage Floor Coating Myth No. 2

The second biggest mis-conception about having your garage floor coated in epoxy, is that the preparation for this project consists primarily of sweeping it off and having a "clean" appearance. Myth.

If only it were that easy... To ensure that an epoxy or other polymer substance is going to bond for the long haul, the concrete floor surface needs to be prepared to a concrete surface profile of a number 2 or better. This process

  • Removes all surface contaminants
  • Opens the concretes "pores" and creates a rough surface for adhesion
  • Removes loose dust, paste, cement remnants, etc.

The Floor is Swept; I'm Ready to Apply

Ye Gods! Seriously, this epoxy flooring myth really requires a professional to address. Substrates can vary by the material but the most common one is concrete. If you're thinking about applying epoxy to anything other than concrete as a DIY project, than it would behoove you to call a professional floor coating company, or at the very least have a long conversation with one. 

Prior to applying an epoxy coating to your garage or other floor, some time will need to be spent in preparing the floor. The preparation of the floor is actually more important than the process of epoxying the floor itself. All grease, cement paste, waxes, glue, or other adherence will need to be removed from the floor. This removal will prevent any separation between the epoxy resin and the substrate. Depending on the condition of the floor, this can be done a number of ways, and the texture on the floor provides a coarse surface to give the epoxy resin something to grab hold of, which allows the resin to bond with the surface.

If floor preparations fail, your epoxy application was all in haste. Try again.

photo credit: Garage Solutions San Diego

photo credit: Garage Solutions San Diego

DIY Floor Kits Do a Good Job

No. Acid etching is something that will suffice in most DIY Floor Epoxy kits, but you'll almost never see this used by professionals, and there's a reason for it. Depending upon the surface conditions and the coatings to be applied, the garage floor surface should be mechanically diamond ground or lightly shot-blasted. Garage floor coatings are professionally applied at less than 125 mils (1/8") thickness. To achieve this, diamond grinding is typically the preferred method of reputable companies. We can't say this any other way - you have to have proper prep.

Textured Garage Floor Coatings

Garage Floor Coatings in Minneapolis / St. Paul. 

Call Starting Line Floor Coatings for your residential garage floor coatings, and let the professionals do it quickly and affordably. Whether you project is big or small, call professionals that can help give your garage, basement, patio or small business floor the durability and luster it deserves for a decade plus. 

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