How to Extend the Life of your Commercial Floor Coatings

Extending the life of your commercial floor coatings

You've got yourself, or your company, a brand new commercial floor coating. This was a great move, not only for the aesthetics of your facility but for the cleanliness and safety of your team and clients.  You now have a world-class applications that will make your facility safer, more attractive, and easier to maintain over time. 

Industrial Floor Coating Solutions

Industrial Floor Coating Solutions

As with any investment though, you'll need to take care of it. Maintenance is part of the equation when you have a new floor installed, even if its industrial. Here are some tips to help ensure that your commercial floor coating will get the life out of it that you expect to have. 

Tips for maintaining your floor coatings.

  1. The broom is your best friend. Make sure to sweep the floor daily with a soft-bristled broom or mechanical sweeper. This will remove materials that can dull the finish and impact the coating’s anti-slip properties fairly quickly. Industrial brooms can be found at most hardware and janitorial supply outlets.
  2. Auto Scrubbings. You may want to schedule auto scrubbings once per week to remove stains and enhance the appearance to employees and visitors. This will also help prolong the life of your floor. 
  3. Clean up! Take the time to clean spills immediately. Many of the chemicals used in industrial environments contain caustic substances, that health and safety concerns for your surroundings. They can also erode the beauty new finish on your industrial floor. Consult the product’s SDS information for how to handle cleaning up spills or accidents.
  4. Sharp Objects. Ensure that wheels and equipment are maintained.  All of the items that you're used to letting float around, such as sharp edges and materials, are not only safety hazards; they can also wreak havoc with your new floors. Use them with care, but you may also want to take this as an opportunity to implement some new standard operating procedures.

Keep your facility looking its best

Even the most industrial epoxy floor coatings and materials can suffer nicks and scratches over time. For this reason, Starting Line Floor Coatings recommends that you not slide, drag, or roll pallets or other items with uneven surfaces across your new floor. This will help to maintain your floors integrity for the long haul, but will also help maintain a culture of safety in the work environment. 

Even the best floor coating solutions or most expensive products will eventually begin to lose their luster or accumulate scratches and other cosmetic problems. It may make sense for you to plan periodic re-coats to ensure that the initial large investment of your new floor is one that you'll only have to do a few times in your businesses history. Consult the literature you may have been provided on the best course of action for this maintenance. 

Does Starting Line offer cleaning services?

No. Our focus is perfecting the installation - that's what we do best and you can rest assured that you've hired the pros. You may want to get advice or contract services form floor cleaning companies that specialize in cleaning surfaces. Locally here in the Twin Cities, we might recommend National Dusters. Select a company that can handle regular monthly scheduled cleaning across all of your work spaces. 

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