Residential Garage Floor Coatings

There are many advantages to finishing your garage floor; the biggest being long term wear and damage control. These are just some of the advantages.

  • UV ray resistant - yellowing or fading will not occur over time
  • Weather durability with change of season
  • Protection from sale and chemicals
  • Largely maintenance free

We work with top suppliers to ensure that we can stand behind the products and supplies that use to complete your project. Technology and testing change industrial products constantly and we want to ensure you're receiving the "best in class" when contract Straight Line Floor Coatings.

The Gem Of The Neighborhood

Your garage floor (or industrial basement) will be the envy of your neighbors. From spring showers to winter temperatures, snow, ice and mud; you're advanced floor coatings will endure the test of time and wash up easily. Our floors are sale, chemical and abrasion resistant. Worry no more.

Straight Line Floor Coatings

Straight Line Floor Coatings is an independently, locally owned company. We have a dedication to provide our customers with the highest quality products and world class service.

Although we built our business in garage floors we are very experience in commercial  and industrial applications. This includes restaurants, warehouses, airport hangers, military base hangers, shop floors, distilleries and more.

Garage Floor Coating Quote

We work to guarantee the highest satisfaction at competitive prices. You can call us any time, but feel free to request a quote, for a quick reply about your project.