High Performance - Fiber Glass Coatings

Starting Line Floor Coatings specializes in high performance, fiber glass wall coatings. We install this product into wash bays, clean rooms and chemical storage units. The most common areas for the use of fiber glass walls are in conjunction with CMU / concrete block or cement board. Wall systems are extremely important to the overall environment of the facility. Epoxy and urethane high build systems provide a proven solution to the needs of maintaining a clean environment.

The Process

  • The process is very simple first we roll on the primer coat.
  • The primer coat is followed by the first coat of fiber glass which can be fiber glass mat or applied with a sprayer.
  • After the base coast has had time to dry, we then lightly sand the surface, then roll on two chemical resident top coats. 


The Product

Stranlok® Polyamine Epoxy. A high-performance, fiberglass-reinforced wall coating for protection against acids, alkalis and physical abuse. Stranlok’s 100% solids epoxy technology is solvent-less and VOC compliant, making Stranlok® virtually odorless and permitting application in occupied facilities. Its accelerated curing schedule and installation process mean faster return-to-service times. A unique blend of two types of premixed reinforcing fibers allows Stranlok® to be spray or trowel applied up to 40 mils. The integrity of the interlocking fibers allows the surface to withstand daily high-pressure steam cleaning. In addition to this high tolerance to “thermal shock",  Stranlok® also features broad chemical, impact and abrasion resistance.